Electric motor for HV

Designing and manufacturing 13 prototypes for hybrid drivetrain. The motors were used on their testbeds and mounted in the cars. The main challenge was the embedment, so the choice of material turned to was aluminium, albeit with its associated dilation problems. The motor was obviously cooled down with the use of water via the vehicle system, and the mechanics were designed to control the temperature variations.

Direct-driven rotating plate

Rotary Table prototype for use as a 4th axis on a machining centre. As it was important to reduce the encumbrance; the table is directly driven by a torque motor (no gearbox). A parking break blocks the table during operations. The integrated encoder is used for indexing and simple rotating operations.

Spindle for rotating centre

Synchronous spindles for multi-spindle turning centres intended for fast machining of larger batch production. The spindle tool holders are located on an index-able column. Given the encumbrance restrictions, a direct drive and synchronous technology solution was the only way to meet the technical specification standard.

Testbed motors

Small batch manufacturing of High Speed Synchronous Motors with permanent magnets. Destined for applications necessitating high-speed rotations and low inertia, these motors are entirely designed and manufactured by EREM. Up until the end of 2016, the market was limited purely to Europe, but since January 2017, due to global trading, the market has expanded and demand keeps rising. A prototype is being developed to respond to the ever-widening needs in terms of power and speed.

Machining centre for spindles

A replacement spindle for MANDELLI’s machining centre. From the original machine model, we built a spindle with the same interfaces (fluids, connections, mechanical and electrical characteristics) to make replacing the spindle transparent for the end user, but the internal mechanics were "Designed by EREM".

High torque spindle on 1FW3285 base

SIEMENS spindle (grey)/EREM’s (blue): dedicated to re-profiling railheads. The direct-drive with a splined shaft brings the performance to infeed the rail to 6mm/min during machining operations and with a metal removal depth of 5mm.

Drill spindle

Drilling spindle with an asynchronous working motor for drilling applications requiring the necessity for the nose of the spindle to pierce a wall or cavity. The spindle barrel is made from a very hard steel (45CMD8) and slides in the mechanism. The motorised spindle is a 1LE1catalogue model, with the winding recalibrated to achieve the desired speed.