EREM, a cutting edge business based in Wavignies, located in Picardie, France

The company is currently looking to expand their business specialising in high-tech electrical servomotors.

Paul Maier and Nathalie Plard started repairing high added-value electric motors in 1991, in a converted sugar-beet plant located in the Oise region of Picardie, France.
The business now has 25 employees and is located in a covered site currently measuring approximately 2,200 m2, and they project to build an extension of a further 1,000 m2 in the near future.

“We don’t work on conventional electric motors such as compressors and fans, but on electric servomotors that one finds in automated machine tools, robots, and automatic palets” explains Paul Maier.

We work on automated numeric motors that are controlled by a control panel that manages the autonomy of the motor to control the speed and movement of the machine in question.

From the start, this high-tech company developed their expertise and specialised knowledge to a level that was recognised and certified by Siemens in 1993, and EREM are proud to acclaim that they are the sole French company accredited by Siemens to repair their servomotors; no small achievement, as Siemens hold 30 – 40% of this market sector.

“I’m highly passionate about this market as we commenced life uniquely with conventional machine tools. However, in order to remain at the forefront of developing technology, we started developing and manufacturing bespoke motors to meet the specific individual needs of our 3,500 clients based in France and throughout Europe” explained EREM’s Managing Director, Paul Maier.

EREM initially worked with the machining operations of Van Hootegem, located in Gannes, prior to acquiring their own machining equipment. They paired this together with a testing platform capable of reproducing their client’s exact operating conditions, and also use “one milling machine and two lathes functioning under controlled atmospheric conditions in order to guarantee micron precision calibration” explains Florian Maier, the couple’s son.

EREM is now in its third phase of development focussing on innovation in collaboration with the Jules-Vernes University of Picardy, and the Engineering school, ESIEE, based in Amiens, and Innovaltech, a technology transfer platform.

Visiting / Open Days

“The Open Days that we are organising this week to celebrate our 25 years in business, give us the ideal opportunity to promote our new research and development project geared to monitoring electric ball bearings. It is led by five young doctoral research students under the supervision of our colleague Valéry Bourny” explains Paul Maier. “It’s a joint venture lead also with two high-end industrials: Gima and the group Fives, both specialising in machine tools”, adds Nathalie Plard. It’s our way to include the company in the fourth industrial revolution. As proof of their modernity, Paul Maier revels in showing his visitors his holographic presentation of their plans “for the next 25 years”, he adds smiling.