Repair of electric motors

EREM specializes in driven electric motors.

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EREM specializes in driven electric motors. Our repairing services and skill set fully cover these categories:

– SIEMENS’ servomotors
– Spindles and bespoke motors
– DC motors

Our certified repair services cover the range of torque motors (1FW), feed motors (1FT, 1FK), main drive motors (1PH) and servo gear motors (1FG). We can assemble or adapt a motor according to your specifications, which implies a strong reactivity and high availability to deal with your breakdowns in the fastest turnaround time possible. The work we carry out does not effect your SIEMENS warranty, and in fact, EREM guarantee our own one year warranty for all motors we repair.

The only repairshop in France agreed by SIEMENS for servomotors

réparateur agréé SIEMENS